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Funding Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Needs


Term Loan 

A Flexible form of Financing that can be used for almost any business need. A term loan is a loan that your business receives in a lump sum that you payback in predetermined payments with a fixed interest rate.

Line of Credit 

With Coast to Coast Line of Credit, you have access to a pool of funds from which you can draw as much as or as little money from, and only repay it with interest on what you borrow.

Consolidation Program 

Our Consolidation Program will consolidate any Debt you currently have releasing cashflow and giving you access to capital as you need when you need 

Business Credit Builder 

Coast to Coast Funding helps you get business credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN with no personal credit check or personal guarantee. Get approved even when you can’t qualify for a business loan with no cash flow or collateral requirements

Invoice/Account Receivables 

Accounts receivable factoring, also known as invoice & receivables financing, is a transaction that acts as an advance for services already rendered.

SBA Loans

Low interest, Longest term will help expand your business in new heights.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is an option to get cash immediately for your business, In exchange for funds deducted directly from your credit/debit credit card payment in the future.

Equipment Financing 

Equipment financing is a loan option for business owners to purchase a physical asset (equipment) for their business.

Refinancing Mortgage Program

Providing real estate secured business loans and access to capital to support the growth and development of under-served small-to-medium sized businesses that lack access to traditional funding. 

A Fix and flip loans allow you to make fast cash on your investment properties while revitalizing communities. To grab the best deals on properties for sale and make the most of every investment, you need access to fast, secure funding

Fix and Flip 

Revenue Based Program 

A revenue-based loan is a loan that your business receives in full upfront, and agrees to pay it back or percentage of your future monthly revenue.

Sizl Program 

If you take credit cards you are getting charged a percentage from your credit card processor, we can clear that out for you where you won’t have to pay that anymore and clear out that payment for you. As well as many other merchant processing products that go alone with it. 

Our Business Credit Builder Program 

To run and build your successful business, you need to qualify for loans and credit lines at the best loan rates possible.  Business credit is essential to make this happen, and it helps you access money even when you can’t qualify for a loan.

The Business Credit Builder helps you build your business credit (without a personal guarantee or personal credit check) step by step using a proven, field-tested, business owner-approved, and highly personalized process.

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Our Business Marketing Programs 

Whether your small business has existed for years, or just recently started up, finding the most effective marketing strategies is critical. Allowing our clients to focus mainly on their day-to-day operations as we help drive more business their way. 

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